Happy 20th, Rise of the Triad!

I moved from Pennsylvania to Texas in December of 1992.  I took a job with 3D Realms (then just called Apogee Software).  I left a company of 70,000 to come work for a videogame company in Garland of around 20 or so (most of that was order takers at the time).    I stayed there from Dec 1992 to May of 2009 when a bunch of us were notably laid off during the development of Duke Nukem Forever.   During all that time I either participated in or was witness to the development of a boatload of games.  But in all that time I was a true developer in just one of them.   That was Rise of the Triad. [Read more…]

ROTT Video Capture #2

A few months ago, I posted a video showing some video capture sessions from a game I was involved in the creation of, “Rise of the Triad”.   The response to that was popular, and then I never delivered any more of them.   Well, tonight I have some more to watch.  :) [Read more…]

ROTT Video Capture #1 [ UPDATED ]

joefish2Rise of the Triad is a game I really loved working on. Well, the original one, I didn’t work on the newer Interceptor version.   ROTT was by far my personal highlight of my 20 years working in the videogame industry.   Not only was I a mapper in the game, I was a character in the game.  I played the second boss character, “Sebastian Krist”.  To that, we were all digitized for the game.  We all got dressed up, stood on a rotating board, so multiple angles could be captured, and did death scenes, all of that.   This was in 1993 mind you, so tech back then was a lit more primitive than it was today. [Read more…]


I was a game developer many a moon ago on a title called “Rise of the Triad“.  The original game I worked on came out in 1994/1995, and has developed a rather cult status over the years, and it’s being revived and re-released by Interceptor Entertainment later this month (check out their site for it).  I was chatting with one of the guys from Interceptor (Fred) about the game, and one of the oddities in one of the levels I did, called “The Vomitorium”.   It’s specifically regarding a wall texture that says “YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE”.   This short story is probably only of interest to hardcore Rise of the Triad fans. [Read more…]