Classic Doctor Who back on air in USA

I’ve had a TiVo for a long time (14 years), and one of the cooler features is that the service learns what you like, and will record other programs besides the ones you tell it to, thinking you’ll like them. So tonight I’m looking through the recorded shows, I found an episode of “Doctor Who”. […]

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Life Itself Poster

Life Itself

I just got done watching the movie “Life Itself”, which is the movie based on the life (and the book) of Roger Ebert. This is a movie that is participating in what I think a new thing is where you can rent movies from PPV while they’re still in theatres. It is a hard movie […]

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ROTT Video Capture #1 [ UPDATED ]

Rise of the Triad is a game I really loved working on. Well, the original one, I didn’t work on the newer Interceptor version.   ROTT was by far my personal highlight of my 20 years working in the videogame industry.   Not only was I a mapper in the game, I was a character […]

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Duke Nukem II 20th Anniv

Happy 20th Blake & Duke

It’s December 3rd, 2013.   That means that 20 years ago, it was December 3rd, 1993.   What is the big deal with that?  Well, a company I worked for released two new games on that date.  “Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold”, and “Duke Nukem II”.   That’s right, Apogee (my Apogee, not the current one – from […]

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At the Movies History: Siskel, Ebert, and the Rest

UPDATE Oct 2, 2013: Another small update to the page covering Richard Roeper’s assignment to the late Roger Ebert’s spot at the Chicago Sun Times.  That’s at the bottom, and brings things up to current again, as far as I’m aware. I’ve long been a fan of the old “Siskel & Ebert” movie review shows […]

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Doctor Who Infographic

Doctor Who Length of Service

This is text I wrote to go with an infographic I did that appeared in an article on Kasterborous regarding length of service time for each of the 11 Doctors.  Here is my full, overlay anal text to go with the infographic.

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I was a game developer many a moon ago on a title called “Rise of the Triad“.  The original game I worked on came out in 1994/1995, and has developed a rather cult status over the years, and it’s being revived and re-released by Interceptor Entertainment later this month (check out their site for it). […]

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Gmail Icon

Turning off Spam Checking in Gmail

Recently in some work I did for a web client, I discovered that essential emails that were needed for work were getting sent to spam.  They didn’t know that, and I didn’t discover it until my time working with them on this particular project.  When I told them about this, they well, I’m not sure […]

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The Sensorites Title Card

The Sensorites Review

My Review (01×07) The Sensorites is a story that for the longest time I used to skip.  In my earlier days of Doctor Who fandom, I was into the 80’s stuff, and didn’t get a chance to see the Hartnell and Troughton era material until 1986.  When I finally did, there was a lot of […]

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